Why do i feel so far from you?

Why do i feel like you have deserted me?

Why do i feel like my wrong actions have chased you away?

You have promised never to leave me or forsake me(Hebrews 13:5) but i feel you’re miles away from me.

Is this just a feeling or is this real? Have i really lost you?

School has resumed and yes i was psyched up about it at first. It felt good and stressful receiving lectures and knowing that 5 years of your life had begun. It felt so good until i started to feel distant from God. A friend of mine said it’s the CHANGE.

I don’t do the things i used to, I’m sure you’ve noticed that i don’t even blog like i used to.

So we can say i have lost focus, kinda.

All this is happening and i still have to be an excellent student, read books, prepare for tests and do all school stuff. Life has become so overwhelming.

So the reason i haven’t lost it, become depressed or overwhelmed by all this is HOPE. Yes, i am hopeful.

I know i may not get it right now but it doesn’t mean i will never get it right.

Living a wonderful life, being able to balance my spiritual life and all this work load from school is something i know i will achieve. I may fail today but i am hopeful about the future.

I haven’t been myself lately but i have refused to quit.

I wont let God down and that’s final.

So yes, I’m back and i am taking every step i can to make my life better……

You should too….

6 thoughts on “Hope.

  1. Yes b! School and life has a way of always pulling us to focus on one thing or the other but the funny thing is, it hardly pulls us to not forget God. But we’ve gotta yank our hands out and be like No! God has always been, He is and would always be… I’m not gonna forget Him. Never!

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